Advantage Base 3

When venting to the outside is not an option, a BOFA Fume Extraction System is a great alternative. BOFA is a leader in the fume extraction industry, producing a large line of high quality systems for close to 30 years now. With advancements in flow sensing and filtering technology over the past decade, BOFA has become the indoor filtration system of choice in many different industries.


The BOFA Advantage Base 3 model is a very efficient affordable fume extraction system designed primarily for theAdvantage Base 3 AD Base 3_300px Universal Desktop series CO2 laser systems.  Similar to the Base 1 model, the Desktop series laser systems can sit on top of the Base 3.  Rolling casters are included, making it convenient to roll along a facility floor if needed.

The Base 3 comes with a pre-filter and combined filter.  Replacing the filters in any BOFA model takes about a minute or two.  Common materials used with the Base 3 include chip board, art board, acrylics, wood, foam core and much more.

If you would like to learn more about the Advantage Base 1 or would like a quotation, please contact us. The Base 3 brochure can be downloaded at the link below.