Advantage Oracle IQ

The Advantage Oracle IQ is a high performance fume extraction system that now includes BOFA’s new iQ operating AD Oracle IQ 300_pxsystem. The iQ operating system adds a variety of improvements to its predecessor resulting in a higher level of efficiency of fume extraction, monitoring of each filter’s status individually, and a lower operating cost.  In addition, the IQ series models include a USB data port where data can be downloaded or uploaded via flash drive.  This enables the user to easily add or retrieve system data for support reasons.

The Oracle IQ is a good match for Universal model’s VLS 3.60, VLS 4.60, and PLS 4.75.  The system comes with a pre-filter and combined filter.  Replacing the filters in any BOFA model takes about a minute or two.  Common materials used with the Oracle IQ include chip board, art board, acrylics, wood, foam core and much more.  For heavy cutting applications into materials such as wood or rubber it is recommended to move into the Advantage 500 IQ model.

If you would like to learn more about the Advantage Oracle IQ or would like a quotation, please contact us. The brochure can be downloaded at the link below.