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The MAX Engraver is Vision’s Original multi-axis rotary engraving machine. With ngraving speeds of up to 10” per second and a removable 8” x 12” fl at engraving table, the MAX can engrave cylindrical items up to 10” in diameter and fl at items up to 11” thick. The MAX is also ideal for heavy-duty work, including marking industrial items such as tools, cylinders, pipes, and gauges.

The Max offers

  • Removable 8” x 12” aluminum t-slot table
  • Built-in cylindrical feature for engraving round items
  • Self-centering work-holding vise with cones for holding round items
  • V-Touch Pendant With Multi Functional Touch Screeen

Why choose vision?

  • Leading worldwide manufacturer of engravers and routers
  • Made in the USA since 1983
  • High-quality, reliable products
  • Dedicated technical support
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Parts Marking
Parts Serialization
Cylindrical Engraving
Control Panels

Max Engraver Specifications Chart

SoftwareVision Express (Expert or PRO optional)
MAX. Work Area8 x 12 inches
Maximum Work Piece SizeFlat 14”(L) x Any Width x 7”(H)
Cylindrical 12” x 6” Diameter
Z-Axis Clearance3 inch (76.2 mm)
Z-Axis Stroke3” standard
Spindle Type11/64”, 6mm or 1/4” Top Loading
Table TypeRemoveable Aluminum T-slot, Cylindrical
ControllerSeries 5 High Speed-Intergrated Controller with V-Touch Pendant
Warranty2-Year Limited
Power Requirements110/220V 10 Amp
Physical Dimensions24”(W) x 17”(D) x 33.5”(H) – 140 lbs
Shipping Dimensions45”(W) x 35”(D) x 42”(H) – 250 lbs
Additional OptionsTop/Bottom Collet, Ring Attachment


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