VLS Desktop Accessories

OneTouch Photo Software

1-Touch Laser Photo was created by Universal Laser Systems and was designed to make your laser photo engraving job easier and faster when processing images

Downdraft Cutting Table

The desktop series downdraft aluminum honeycomb cutting table is a sacrificial cutting surface. While marking or cutting, exhaust system airflow removes smoke and fumes from above and below the material.

Back Sweep

The backsweep option for air assist mounts to the focusing carriage. Unlike the air assist cone, the backsweep assembly directs airflow at an angle to the laser beam and towards the back of the laser system.

Air Assist Cone

The air assist cone mounts to the bottom of the laser system’s focusing carriage. Airflow from an external compressed air source and the systems laser beam is directed through the cone while marking or cutting material. Air Assist with optics protection comes standard with the desktop series with the exception of this cone assembly.


Universal’s HPDFO is a unique and patented option that focuses the laser beam to a much smaller and hotter spot size allowing for much finer cutting and marking. Because of a much higher power density, the HPDFO allows you to mark directly on to certain metals. Click here to open a tip sheet on the HPDFO.


The Collimator is a beam expander. With this option installed, the beam is collimated so that the beam radius does not undergo significant changes within the laser marking area. With this minimized beam divergence, the laser beam spot size can maintain its consistency. The Collimator is required for the HPDFO option.

Rotary Fixture

Universal’s rotary fixture is stepper motor driven and rotates cylindrical objects within a minium/maximum diameter. Click here to download marking specifications.

Compressed Air Source

When using the air assist option on a Universal, good clean air, free of contaminants, is required. Universal’s computer controlled compressor option provides this for you. Click here to learn more about this option.

Air Cleaner Cart

Universal’s air cleaner cart is a great solution when venting to the outside is not possible. The air cleaner cart is controlled through your PC’s USB port. The unit will start & stop automatically when jobs are initiated at the laser system. Click here to learn more about the Air Cleaner Cart.

Air Cleaner Filters

The air cleaner cart has a built in high pressure exhaust unit to provide air flow through three internal filters. The filters include the Pre-filer, HEPA Filer, and Carbon Filter. While laser marking or cutting, these combination of filters are designed to remove fumes, odor, and particulate as small as 0.30 microns.

Pin Table

The Universal pin table is another version of a sacraficial surface. What makes this accessory different than the aluminum cutting table is simply its surface area which is far less. As a result the material you are cutting through will experience far less flashback from the laser beam giving you a higher quality end result. Click here to learn more about this option.

Automated Interface

This interface allows you to control a Universal laser system with external logic enabling you to integrate the system into robotic or other applications that require some level of automation.