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AD 350

AD 350

Fume Extraction System For Light Duty Laser Marking, Coding, And Engraving Applications.

The BOFA Advantage 350 is a cutting-edge fume extraction and filtration system meticulously crafted to cater to light-duty laser marking, coding, and engraving applications. This state-of-the-art system is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring that your workspace remains clean and contaminant-free, while preserving the quality of your work and safeguarding your equipment.

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Technical Specification
Blower with high airflow and pressure Standard
Low cost replacement filters Standard
Filter condition indicator Standard
Low noise levels Standard
Digital flow control system Standard
VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound) Optional
Remote stop / start interface Optional
Filter change / system fail signal Optional
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  • What AD 500 IQ Offers?

    • DeepPleat DUO pre-filter
    • HEPA filter
    • Advanced carbon filter (ACF) technology
    • Reverse flow air (RFA) technology
    • Automatic flow control (AFC) Technology
  • Why Choose Us?

    • Quality and Performance
    • Customization
    • Compliance
    • Maintenance and Support
    • Wide Application Range
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