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AD 1000 IQ

AD 1000 IQ

Advanced Laser Fume Extraction System Designed To Excel In Laser Marking, Coding, Andengraving Applications.

Unleash the power of laser technology with confidence, knowing that your workspace is protected and fume-free, thanks to the AD 1000 IQ – the high-performance laser fume extraction system designed for a wide range of applications, including laser marking, coding, and engraving. The AD 1000 IQ boasts unparalleled extraction efficiency, ensuring that harmful fumes and particulate matter are effectively removed from your workspace. This not only enhances the safety of your employees but also extends the lifespan of your laser equipment.

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Technical Specification
Intelligent Operating System (iQ) Standard
High airflow and pressure rates Standard
Reversed flow air filter technology Standard
‘Run safe’ operation Standard
Remote diagnostics via USB Standard
Independent filter condition monitoring, display and warnings technology Standard
Filters with long life and low replacement cost Standard
VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound) Optional
Remote stop / start interface Optional
Filter change / system fail signal Optional
Interfacing with host laser Optional
On-board compressor Optional
Larger silencing inlet/out boxes Optional
Optional filter medias Optional
DeepPleat DUO pre-filter Standard
Automatic flow control system Standard
Real time airflow reading Standard
High contrast display Standard
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  • What AD 1000 IQ Offers?

    • Intelligent Operating System (iQ)
    • DeepPleat DUO pre-filter
    • Reverse flow air (RFA) technology
    • HEPA filter
    • Advanced carbon filter (ACF) technology
    • Automatic flow control (AFC) Technology
  • Why Choose Us?

    • Quality and Performance
    • Customization
    • Compliance
    • Maintenance and Support
    • Wide Application Range
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