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AD Base 1 Oracle

AD Base 1 Oracle

AD Base 1 Oracle

A versatile solution that seamlessly adapts to global voltage standards while also serving as a multifunctional workstation when combined with a laser engraver.

The ingenious design of the AD Base 1 Oracle allows various laser engravers from different manufacturers to be placed atop the unit, effectively transforming it into a functional workstation.

For added convenience, all Base units within this series offer the option of incorporating an onboard compressor, ensuring a compact installation. BOFA’s innovative ‘easi-seal’ filter placement simplifies and expedites the filter replacement process.

The groundbreaking auto-voltage sensing turbine automatically adjusts to operate on any voltage worldwide, while the reverse flow filter technology enhances filter efficiency, prolonging the filter’s lifespan.

With automatic flow control, users can preset the optimal flow rates, resulting in reduced noise levels and added protection for both the integrated filter and the patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter.

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Technical Specification
‘Easi-seal’ filter location Standard
Small footprint Standard
Low noise level Standard
VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound) Optional
On-board compressor Optional
Remote stop / start interface Optional
Filter change / system fail signal Optional
Auto sensing voltage (100 – 240v) for global use Standard
Automatic flow control Standard
DeepPleat DUO pre-filter Standard
Advanced carbon filter technology Standard
Reverse flow Standard
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  • What AD Base 1 Oracleoffers?

    • Reverse flow air (RFA) technology
    • Advanced carbon filter (ACF) technology
    • Multi voltage sensing (MVS) unit
    • Patented technology
    • ProTECT service plan
  • Why Choose Us?

    • Quality and Performance
    • Customization
    • Compliance
    • Maintenance and Support
    • Wide Application Range
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